The pro-abortion Myths

They are always the same, in every country:
before birth there is only an unimportant blob of cells,
abortion is a progress for the freedom of women,
in the extreme cases, abortion is compassion,
the anti-abortion are fascists, integrists, negationists, passéists, revisionists, etc...
there is overpopulation, especially in the Third World, and if abortion were not available, we would suffer famine.
These lies do not resist a serious examination:
"before birth there is only an unimportant blob of cells":
Any medical student in first year would be rebuked if he would tell that! From fertilization, there is a human being (it has 46 chromosoms, like you), and the process of life starts, with a continuous progression, without a possible distinction: "now it is not human, then it is human" -- is this a cat? Already at 17 days, its heart beats...
In any case, if it were a mere blob of cells, you are also a blob of cell, and your life has the same worth. If you do not defend them, nobody will defend you the day they will decide that the blob of cells you are is a life unworthy to be lived...
If abortion was only the removal of some unimportant cells, like a wart, why do the aborting clients often stay in psychiatric hospitals? There is no problem after the ablation of a wart, or after appendicitis surgery...

"abortion is a progress for the freedom of women":
Just like freedom to steal is a social progress! Indeed, the burglar would have a social advancement. And the person having her property stolen? Don't care! But real freedom is limited by the freedom of the other, and abortion involves three persons: the father, the mother, the child. The State is playing God through legalizing abortion, theft, etc... it doesn't care since itself is not the victim -- however its role is to protect the weakest.
Moreover, in more than half the cases, the people close to the woman force her to abort, especially the father who then tells her this well-known sentence: " It is me or the child, then choose! " O what a beautiful freedom of choice!
To summarize, describing abortion as a social progress, is like including slavery in social progress, like making murder a service and machism a culture to be protected...

"In the extreme cases, abortion is compassion":
There are cases where... the woman was abused... she is too young... she is poor... she is a mentally handicapped person... her life is likely to be destroyed, her schooling stopped...
And then? The child (he is my pal) is not responsible for these problems. And you would sentence him to the death penalty, without any judgement, when death penalty is abolished? It is sheer barbary. A better solution is possible, with all the wealth surrounding our societies: adoption, mutual aid, support, housing, training... and not rejection.
There are many existing groups ready for helping. But do not hope on Planned Parenthood for giving you their addresses, because abortion generates a bigger revenue for it!

"The anti-abortions are fascists, integrists negationists, passéists, revisionists, etc... ":
Perhaps even they have a stinking mouth and are cross-eyed? It is necessary to stop the delirium. Did you to check it by yourself? You are really credulous if you believe the stupidities spread by TV and the press!
If such rumours circulate, it means that the abortion promoters may find it beneficial to have them circulating... But do you really know who are those abortion promoters???

"There is overpopulation, especially in the Third World, and if abortion were not available, we would suffer famine"
First, it is untrue, there is no overpopulation, the earth is very largely under-populated and extremely little cultivated.
Second, the famines are in general due to wars or to political regimes set up by the pro-abortion groups (Communists and eugenicists). In fact, the rarest resource is human work.
Third, even if there were overpopulation, for example in your classroom, would you think that it would be an acceptable solution to massacre some pupils to recover vital space?

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